Our Vision

Our purpose is to enhance and simplify the lives of High Net Worth individuals and families. By providing tailored operational, accounting, tax, and logistical services, we strive to be the one relationship that our clients trust in any situation.

Our clients have the  unique opportunity of bundling their services with Kennedy Legal Firm.

Matthew R. Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer
Kennedy Private Client Services

Service Offerings

Tax and Accounting Services

Our accounting professionals also maintain complete books and records, as well as provide tax preparation services that ensure the family office is tax compliant.

Corporate Service Provider

Our experienced team provides corporate secretarial services ensuring that the highest standards of corporate governance are maintained. We also maintain company records, as well as file and maintain all state and federal filings.

Family Office Operations

We offer a variety of administrative services and logistical support that are essential to the smooth running of a family office.

Concierge Services

Our team delivers customized services to unburden our clients from daily, time-consuming details, allowing them more time to focus on pursuing their personal, professional and financial goals.

Consolidated Reporting

In addition to updated net worth analysis, our qualified team will provide customized reporting, such as reconciling and monitoring credit card activity, bank and investment accounts, real estate holdings and insurance policies.

Due Diligence

We will conduct full-scale background investigations of potential employees, financial partners, corporate entities and investment opportunities.


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Ste. 425
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Clients of KPCS will have the unique opportunity of bundling their services with Kennedy Legal Firm. Visit our site for more information about our firm and what we have to offer.

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